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The Downstream oil & gas market, including refining and petrochemical processing plants, is the largest and most diverse sector of the oil & gas market, which can present unique challenges when engaging contractors to carry out both extensive and costly facility projects and upgrades. United Safety Alliance Inc. offers a full menu of operational support. Our project management, scheduling, and planning services are designed to keep your project on schedule and on budget. This is accomplished through a system of careful budgeting and cost management strategies as well as frequent, consistent communication through progress updates and any new developments that might occur. We set clear benchmarks thorough plans at the outset of the project so that results can be easily and effectively evaluated. Allowing you to have as much data available for you to make an informed decision. From front end spectrum with our Planners/Schedulers using the latest in planning and scheduling software and technology to our Job Reps that will ensure Strong leadership with clearly communicated objectives to provide the foundation for a successful project. This includes a vision for delivering the expected results in a pre-determined timeline with precise and calculated execution.

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